Victoria Frankenstein or the Horrors of White Fragility

Full-Length Farce


Composer Victoria Frankenstein is elated when she discovers the talents of spoken-word poet Saayeh Daemoni. After years of searching, Frankenstein is certain that Daemoni’s affinity for captivating storytelling and evocative imagery are the missing pieces she needs to bring her long-awaited opera to perfected life. As her friendship with the writer unfolds, however, the affluent composer sees a darker, more sinister side of Daemoni. With her strong political and social convictions, this outspoken immigrant just doesn’t seem to fit within the refined world of music. As their project draws closer to its complete realization, Frankenstein is left wondering if she can weather Daemoni’s brash words demanding cultural accountability, for she has found a true monster in Daemoni. Will this rude woman of color ruin the career Frankenstein has worked so diligently to cultivate?