NAHAL NAVIDAR is an Iranian-born writer raised in upstate New York. Her work is motivated by the exploration of social issues while employing magical elements to embody the expanse of human emotion. Nahal’s plays have been developed at Boston Court, Silk Road Rising, Ensemble Studio Theatre LA, The Vagrancy Writer’s Group, Rogue Machine Dramaturge’s Table, Coeurage Theatre CoLab Play Development, Pasadena Playhouse, Playwright’s Arena, Troy Foundry Theatre, The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Golden Thread Productions, Company of Angels New Play Series, The Kennedy Center, and The University at Albany. As a Middle Eastern artist living in a post 9/11 world, her writing investigates issues of cultural identity, and her plays often feature characters who yearn for a proverbial home. Nahal received her M.F.A. training at U.S.C.’s School of Dramatic Arts. She is a member of the Dramatist’s Guild of America.

As an educator with over 15 years of experience, Nahal has taught across a wide range of age groups and intersectionalities.  While teaching in the Micronesian island of Saipan,  Nahal founded the Fabulous Invalid Theatre Company whose mission was to promote the diverse voices of the Marianas and provide educational outreach to Saipan’s students. Nahal’s multi-cultured background has had the most profound impact on her writing. 

Photo by Kevin Vasquez

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